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India duty-free shopping, inbound regulations, new rules in effect from 14-7-2014: The import of tobacco products into this Country has been reduced to 100 cigarettes or 25 cigars or 125 grams of tobacco products. Travellers under the age of 18 years have no allowance for tobacco products. Some tobacco products are available on arrival, but the range is limited. It is unlikely that packs of 100 cigarettes, will be available in the airport arrivals stores.

We await confirmation from the operator as to the arrivals shops at this airport. In the meantime, you can still shop for your duty free goods on departure at almost all international airports.

Some airline and airport retailers are yet to publish their online duty free prices and catalogues, others have now started incorporating online pre-order facilities.

We will publish the details for this airport as soon as they are available and where relevant to this airport, publish the airline in-flight price list, enabling you to make a comparison of the available products and prices.

If no local sites are available, we will provide links to a site where you can best check prices.