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Duty Free Shopping, why is it called Free Duty or Free Shopping and why is it Tax Free?

duty free on arrival, duty free a la llegada, duty free na chegada® The Original search for Duty Free Shopping when you arrive at your destination. Established, Registed and designed Officially in 2009.

To search for duty free and tax-free shopping outlets, prices and catalogues, enter your destination country or city in the search box above and hit "go". You can also enter an airline name or IATA code, an airport name or code, the name of a cruise line, ferry or port.

For Border crossing shops, enter your destination city or country. Once you find the information for your destination, click on the red "Customs" icon to the left to find the Duty Free allowances, limits and exemptions for your arrival point. Duty Free allowances apply to your country of arrival and not to you country of departure.

For a traveler visiting the top travel destinations throughout the great cities of the world such as London, Paris, New York, Hong Kong and more, you will find duty free shopping. In an airport, a Shopping Centre, an Outlet Mall, on an airline, ship or frontier there are stores. Even in tax-free shopping cities, such as Sanya in China, you can buy duty free goods.

In China discount travel shopping is known as Free Duty, in Germany, Scandinavia and most of Eastern Europe, travellers call it TaxFree and in Latin Countries duttyfree shops are known as Free Shops or Free Zones. Duty Free is a global term, many latin countries use the word dutty free or dutti free but the the world of duty free can mean a bargain, especially for Tobaccos, Perfumes and Spirits.

Did you know that there are many destinations around the world where you can also buy your Duty Free on arrival, as well as on your departure? You can also obtain a sales tax refund on your tax-free shopping, when travelling around the world.

In some locations, you cannot take the Duty Free liquids you purchased with you if you are in transit and changing flights and on some cruise ships you are not allowed to drink your duty free spirits on board.

If you want to know anything about Arrivals Shopping, or dutyfree shops on ferry boats, cruise ships, frontier crossing border stores and tax refund shopping, search your destination above and hit "go". If you want to know your duty free allowances, customs limits and exemptions, hit "customs".

It can be confusing to understand the Tax and Duty Free shopping rules when travelling to, from or within the European Union. To discover all the regulations, such as the customs allowances and limits, search your Country above for all the answers.

Also included in the destination searches are Shopping Centres and Outlet Malls where the Global Tax-Refund scheme is operated for international travelers.

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Duty Free on arrival® is the original global consumer information site for Duty-Free and Tax-Free shopping, our website and database was originally established in 2008. We have no association with any other website offering such information or price comparison facilities for travelling shoppers. Our advice and comment is independent, with the intention of assisting shoppers to discover accurate and informed details, before they travel.

This website does not offer a conventional price comparison service. Where available, we enable easy access to the actual products and prices offered by retailers at your destination or with your carrier, so to facilitate an informed purchase decision.