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Duty Free and Tax Free Perfumes: Fragrance, beauty, cosmetics, crèmes and makeup products are widely sold in travel retail shops at very good prices.

To find the product or brand you wish to buy, please search your travel destination, either by your departure point or your final arrival destination. You can also search by travel mode, airport - airline, sea - cruise - ferry - port or by land border stores and downtown duty free stores.

The rules and regulations related to purchasing goods duty free or tax free will be featured on this specific page as will the customs limits and allowances. Click the red customs icon for details.

Perfumes can be found in two different forms, Eau de Parfum known as EDP or Eau de Toilette EDT which is less expensive than the stronger and more concentrated EDP. Aftershave for men is more often sold in EDT 'splash' form, but also in 'balm' or cream. Whichever product you choose to buy, all the major world perfume and cosmetics brands can be found on your travels.

Some famous Make Up products, such as M.A.C, Estee Lauder, Revlon and other have their own specialised stores within airports and on cruise ships.

In some countries, where Downtown Duty Free shopping is permitted, you will find complete floors within these department stores, where all major brands are available at good prices. Some stores, depending on where you are travelling to and the local Customs rules, will arrange for home, ship or airport delivery for you, (see below).

Duty Free or Tax-Free goods purchased in a Customs secure area, such as in an airport, on an airline, a ferry or a cruise ship, are sold free of taxes primarily for export. You are responsible to carry these goods through Customs at your point of arrival and checks may be made as to whether you are within the limits, allowances or exemptions. In some countries, this is known as the 'travellers baggage allowance'. For this reason duty free retailers are not permitted to arrange home delivery of the goods for you.

Some airlines will offer delivery of goods, but this is because these particular goods are actually tax-paid goods, such as gifts. In some countries the Tax-Refund scheme operates, where you can reclaim the local sales taxes such as VAT/GST, when you leave the country. Normally, you will be required to complete a customs export form at the airport, port or border and then show your purchases to Customs before you leave the country. The rules for some domestic shopping in special tax free territories like USVI, Andorra, Samnaun or San Andres, may be different, but in general home delivery is not an option.