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Duty Free Shop airport | PTY | Panama City Tocumen Airport


PTY | Panama City Tocumen Airport

Yes, you can buy your Duty Free on arrival in this country. Most major airports in this territory have arrivals duty free shopping facilities in the baggage claim area where you can buy tax-free goods before you pass through customs. But, these stores are normally only located in the international arrival gateway airports, so if you are taking a domestic connecting flight, it is best to buy at your first point of arrival into the country.

This arrivals duty free facility not only enables you to pick up any last minute items that you were unable to buy at your outbound airport, but it gives you the inbound duty free shopping opportunity to buy liquid products such as spirits or wine, so you can avoid any potential problems like confiscation by security.

More airports are now introducing an online duty free and tax-free pre-order service, this allows you to arrange the purchase of goods before your departure. This may be useful as the sale of liquid products (especially alcohol) and known as 'LAGS', can often be restricted at your departure location due to airport or airline security regulations and although these regulations are gradually being lifted, shopping at arrival and online pre-order can alleviate this problem.

Some airport retailers are yet to publish their online duty free prices and catalogues, others have now started incorporating online pre-order facilities for customer convenience.

We will publish the details for this airport as soon as they are available and where relevant to this airport, we will publish the airline in-flight price list enabling you to make a comparison of the available products and prices.

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