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Duty Free Allowances apply to the arrival Country, not the departure point. Customs limits for arrival into Honduras

Check below for the Customs rules & limits: Honduras Select a Customs rule below relevant to your journey. Allowances apply to the arrival country, not to where the goods are purchased. There is often a specific quantity for alcohol & tobacco, whilst perfumes, cosmetics, food, electronics & gifts, usually have a fixed monetary limit. Travellers within the European Union need not declare purchases from other EU Member States. EU purchases are for personal use only, not for re-sale. EU States often impose a 'recommended import limit' for alcohol & tobacco. Duty Free and Tax-Free sales are not permitted for domestic journeys within the same Country. There are some exceptions for special tax-free locations and freezones. People enquire as to 'the allowances from', but you should check the limits for your territory of arrival and not departure. Some Countries impose a purchase quota, Retailers will advise these limits. Quotas bear no relevance to the inbound Allowances. Use this guide as an indication only, please contact Customs for specifics.

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