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Cross Border Shopping, DFS and Downtown Duty Free Stores, Tax-Refund Shopping. Compare tax-free prices and products.

Border Crossing duty free stores are well known in the Americas and Asia, but not so common in Europe. From the Canadian-US frontier right down to the south of Argentina, you will find tax-free shops when you cross from one country to another.

The frontier crossings between Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay have a vast selection of different shops at each frontier point and the savings can be substantial. The range of duty free goods goes beyond the conventional duty free shops in airports and in these border locations you can even buy electrical products such as televisions, washing machines, cellfones, computers, iPads and iPhones.

In Europe, there are frontier shops when leaving the European Union to non EU member countries like Turkey or Russia and from Greece into the Balkan states. In Asia, China, Thailand, Myanmar and many other countries have border crossing stores.

Within this land border section you will also find details about Tax Refund shopping, which is different to normal duty free sales as it refers to shopping centres in city department stores, outlet malls or specialist luxury brand stores such as the London Mayfair boutiques of Bond Street or the department stores of Harrods, Debenhams and Selfridges. In Europe department stores such as El Corte Ingles in Spain or Galeries Lafayette participate.

In Asia, but also in Hawaii, there is Downtown "DFS Galleria" duty free shopping. This means that you can buy a range of tax-free goods in specialist stores which will then be delivered to the airport or your ship ready for your departure.

Free Zones or Free Shops as they are known in Latin America are also increasing in numbers, these are special tax-free areas where you can enter to shop and buy goods for your departure from the country. In Chile at Zofri Mall in and certain areas of China such as Hainan Island, a shopping city has been created and even domestic travellers can buy duty free goods, without the conventional need to depart the country.