Find Duty Free prices and tax-free shopping brands on your cruise ship and ferry boat or at the port store.

The duty free on arrival global shopping guide includes a search facility for tax free stores in the maritime sector, on board your cruise ship, your cruise ferry or at the port of departure for your ship. The best duty free prices are not always found in the airport, but often when you board your ship or visit the port. Many ocean going vessels include a large array of tax free shops on board, especially cruise lines. If your voyage is travelling to another country in international waters, duty free shopping will be available on board ship. Larger cruise liners now feature shopping malls where you can buy a selection of luxury name branded merchandise.

Duty free and tax-free shopping is really one of the same, tobacco products and liquors, wines and spirits are generally known as duty free, whilst all other goods like perfumes, cosmetics, beauty, watches and jewellery are seen as tax free shopping.

"Tax Free" normally refers to the sales tax, value added tax in Europe, or GST in Asia and this is what you will save on your gift purchases. Duty or officially stated, Excise Duty, is the special tax levied on products such as liquors and tobaccos, hence the name "duty free" shops.

Within the shipping sector, there are many opportunities to shop. Many destinations also have duty free port stores for travelers where you can buy, when both joining and leaving the ship. The same applies to ferry boats in certain locations, mainly outside Europe. But, Scandinavia has a vibrant duty free shopping environment and there are many port stores in this region.

For more detail, search your travel retail shopping destination above, hit go and find all the detail related to your next port of call. However, it is currently quite difficult to find and compare duty free prices for ships or ports as many of these retailers are yet to publish their prices and product ranges online.

The ferry companies are gradually posting their duty free prices online and introducing pre-order facilities, but the cruise lines are slow to do this. As and when new duty free and tax-free information is available, such as web pre-order, we will update the relevant travel point pages. In the meantime our links will direct you to our Facebook page "Duty Free on Arrival", where we publish regular updates and news information about duty-free shopping.

dutyfreeonarrival has the world's only search section especially designed for cruises, ferries or shopping in the port. To find the Customs Allowances and the various exemptions for your journey, just search for one of the locations you are travelling to and then click the Customs button. This will give you a helpful guide as to the different restrictions or limits imposed for duty free cigarettes, tobaccos or liquors imposed at your destination. *last updated: 5th August 2016