Duty Free Border Downtown | Chuy Uruguay - Brazil



Chuy Uruguay - Brazil

There are many Free Shops on the border linking Uruguay and Brazil where you can buy duty free goods. From Arigas in the north to Chuy in the south, you can buy at numerous Duty Free Border outlets at each frontier crossing point. In the town of Rivera there are over 50 different shops where you can buy tax free goods.

When buying at the border in Latin America, it is not usually permitted to buy at a store in the country where you are a citizen or resident. Most of the shops are designated for foreign visitors and tourists. You are allowed to buy on the other side of the border, if there are tax-free shops situated there.

Shopping China are one of the most progressive retailers operating the department store concept at border locations in Latin America. Currently, they have large complexes on the borders between Brazil, Paraguay and Bolivia and a comprehensive selection of goods can be found.

Click below for the frontier store link where you can review the product selection and prices online and soon order your duty free goods online for collection on arrival at the store.