Duty Free Border Downtown | Eurotunnel Folkestone Vehicle Terminal

United Kingdom UK Scotland, N Ireland, Wales, England

United Kingdom UK Scotland, N Ireland, Wales, England

Eurotunnel Folkestone Vehicle Terminal

Eurotunnel and Eurostar are exceptions as they are located at an EU land border crossing point and on a European and International rail route. There are shops within both the French and English road terminals of the tunnel where road passengers can shop before embarcation. For those travelling by car and coach, these shops will not be available to you when you leave the channel tunnel vehicle transit trains, only before your departure. Rail passengers cannot shop in the road terminals located in The UK (Folkestone) or in France (Calais) as the Eurostar trains do not stop at these locations.

The goods sold in all these shops, be it at the road terminals or in the rail stations, are neither tax, nor duty free goods. Intra-EU travellers are not permitted to buy goods at duty free prices, the practice was abolished by The EU some years ago. However, the shops in all these terminals do have very competitive prices, especially for liquors and wines on the French side, so it may be advantageous for you to shop there during your stopover.

On the Eurostar services to and from the UK to European cities, there are no duty free shopping facilities onboard these high-speed trains. TGV and Thalis trains connecting from Paris, Lille or Brussels, or the AVE high-speed trains in Spain, all travel within the European Union, so they do not have any duty free shopping facilities on board.