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Bilbao Port

This international port is located in a European Union Member State, it handles both ferries and cruise ships. If your ferry or cruise is travelling to a non-EU country from this port, you will be able to purchase duty free goods on board. You will not be able to buy if your ferry is travelling within the EU or to the same country on a domestic service, such as from Portugal to Madeira. Routes to and from the Canary Islands are an exception to this rule.

Most, if not all cruise ships, sail in international territorial waters, so you will be able to buy duty free and tax-free goods onboard this sailing during your journey. Some cruise lines only allow you to consume your duty free alcohol after you have finished your cruise. So, if you buy liquors in the tax-free shop on-board your ship or you bring it with you from the airport, it may be that this is held for you in safe storage until you leave the ship. Check for more details with your cruise specialist and your cruise documentation, before you sail.

To find out if you can buy Travel Value goods at good prices onboard the ships sailing from this port, or to check prices for products such as cigarettes, tobaccos, alcohol, perfumes and cosmetics, please contact us for details.

The Bay of Biscay operators on this ferry route between Spain and The United Kingdom include: Brittany Ferries