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Tobacco Plains Canada - USA

There are over 30 duty free and tax free stores available along the Canadian border with the US where you can buy your duty free merchandise without tax, when travelling abroad. Most Canadian land border stores can be found in Quebec Province, Ontario and British Colombia, but every province has stores when you cross the frontier. The customs regulations related to your allowances and limits at this crossing can be found by hitting the customs button to the left or by searching your destination country. These exemptions usually apply to your country of arrival and not to you country of departure.

The Canadian Government has increased the cross border shopping duty free customs allowances, effective from June 1st 2012. The purchase limits increased to C$200 for a 24 hour shopping trip to the USA. For travelers who are out of Canada for 48 hours or more, the exemption was also increased. It is now C$800. The new customs limits will replace the previous 48-hour exemption of $400 and the previous seven-day exemption of C$750. There are no duty or tax exemptions for absences of less than one day and no change in the volume and quantity limits for alcohol and tobacco products that travelers can bring back when returning to Canada.

You can buy duty free goods at this shopping centre, when arriving or departing from the territories on either side of this border crossing.