Duty Free Border Downtown | Rantau Panjang Malaysia - Thailand



Rantau Panjang Malaysia - Thailand

The Malaysian Firm ZON Duty Free operate numerous duty free and tax-free shops along the border with Thailand where you can buy merchandise at good prices without tax, when departing the country. Foreign residents in Thailand often make a day-trip to Malaysia known as a 'visa run' and these visitors to Malaysia are also entitled to cross border shopping allowances.

The customs regulations related to your allowances and limits at this frontier point can be found by hitting the customs button to the left, or by searching your destination country. Please remember that these exemptions usually apply to your country of arrival and not to you country of departure. So if you buy at the shops on the Malaysian side of the border, the limits for Thailand will apply on your return.

Soon we will give you a border store affiliate link where you can order your duty free goods online for collection on arrival at the store. This will save you time during your journey and also money as tax-free discounts and coupons are often available for online pre-order purchases.

Many border retailers are yet to launch their online catalogues and pre-order sites. In the meantime, for prices and details of the products available at the frontier shop, please contact us for more details and we will do our best to assist you.

The world duty-free search 'App' will soon be available, enabling you to find all worldwide stores, prices, products and rules direct from your smartphone.