Duty Free Border Downtown | Salto del Guaira Paraguay - Brazil Shopping China



Salto del Guaira Paraguay - Brazil Shopping China

This location is one of the many special tax-free shopping zones in South and Central America such as Cuidad del Este, Iquique, Ushuaia, Puerto Aguirre and Punta Arenas, where you can buy duty free goods. These special zones have many shops and you can find a vast range of imported brands. Electrical products usually have very competitive prices.

Goods purchased in these zones are subject to a customs restriction as to the total value you can buy and carry with you on your return journey. Most shoppers enter these zones by road and will need to pass through customs on their return journey, to check your allowances, search for your country of arrival in our search box and hit the red customs button to the left.

In some countries like Chile, shoppers are permitted to purchase goods in these free zones without actually leaving the country and travelling internationally. But, there is a monetary limit to your shopping and also a restriction as to the number of trips you can make every month. Some countries, such as Argentina and Uruguay, allow you to buy goods in designated stores and recover the sales tax when you leave the country. These tax free shopping schemes are operated by special companies who arrange the refund for you.

Shopping China are one of the most progressive retailers operating the department store concept at border locations in Latin America. Currently, they have large complexes on the borders between Brazil, Paraguay and Bolivia and a comprehensive selection of goods can be found.

Click below for the frontier store link where you can review the product selection and prices online and soon order your duty free goods online for collection on arrival at the store.