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Bar Port

This Port is located in Europe, but outside the European economic area (EU). If you are travelling internationally on your ship to or from this port, you will be allowed to purchase duty free perfumes, cosmetics, alcohol, tobaccos and gifts during your journey. The duty free customs allowances and limits apply to your country of arrival and not to your country of departure.

Albania and Montenegro are not members of the EU, so the ferries or cruise ships operating from these Aegean and Adriatic Sea countries to Italy, Greece or any other EU member state, will have duty free shopping facilities on-board ship. The Ferry Operators on these routes include: Jadrolinija, Venezia Lines, Adria, Ilion Lines, Agoudimos and Azzurra.

Many Cruise and Ferry Port retailers are yet to publish their on-line duty free catalogues, prices and store locations. As soon as the online duty free pre-order information is available, we will update this page.