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Few travellers to America are aware that tax-free refund shopping is also available at various locations in the United States of America, such as Texas and Louisiana. Texas is a good example, where there are nearly 4500 participating merchants who will help you to process this service, which enables you to recover the state sales tax if you are visiting the US and returning to your home country.

There will be a minimum limit to what you must spend, but the savings can be considerable as many of the Outlet Malls and retailers who participate in the scheme already offer very good prices. Even before the tax is refunded.

Companies operating the “Tax Refund – Sales Tax Rebate Scheme” for tourists include: Global Blue, Tax Free Worldwide, UK Tax Refund, TaxFree Shopping Ltd, Louisana Tax Free, FEXCO, GB taxfree, TaxBack, VatFree, Travel Tax Free and Global Refund. There are some restrictions as to what and where you can buy, but your tax free retailer will be able to assist you with the regulations. Many luxury stores throughout Europe, Asia and beyond offer this scheme, enabling you to save by buying at discount prices and recovering the local tax.