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This international Cruise port is located in a European Union Member State. If your cruise is travelling to, or coming from another country which is located outside the European Community, you will be able to purchase duty free goods on board.

You will not be able to buy if your ship is travelling to the same country on a domestic service or within the EU. Most, if not all cruise ships, sail in international territorial waters, so you can buy duty free and tax-free goods onboard during your voyage.

Some cruise lines do not allow you to consume your duty free liquors during the cruise, they will hold your spirits in safe storage for you and deliver them to you when you leave the ship. Check before you sail with your cruise specialist, for more details.

Cruise Shipping Lines operating from these major ports include: Cunard, Royal Caribbean, Seaborn, Costa, P&O, Carnival, Celebrity, Windstar, Holland America, Norwegian Cruise Lines, Star, Thomson, Tallink and Silja Line. The duty free allowances on cruise ships will depend on where you are travelling to and from and how often you leave and re-join the ship with the goods you have purchased on shore. Your customs allowance limits will apply at the point that you finally leave the ship and return home. So search your final destination above, click a travel point and then the red customs button for your exemptions. Your cruise specialist will be able to assist you with reservations and other details.

Many Cruise and Ferry Port retailers are yet to publish their on-line duty free catalogues, prices and store locations. As soon as the online duty free pre-order information is available, we will update this page.