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Singapore Tax Free Shopping

Singapore is known throughout the world for its fine shopping in Orchard Road. Famous luxury brands such as MCM, Gucci, Prada, Rolex, Yves Saint Laurent can all be found in the many stores in this city.

If you buy with the GST rebate scheme, the sales tax will be refunded to you when you leave the country, adding to your savings and shopping experience. Other downtown stores are operated by Duty Free Shoppers (DFS Galleria), who will also offer good prices whilst arranging to deliver your purchases to you at the airport.

Tobacco restrictions: You are not allowed to purchase tobacco products on arrival or import tobacco products into this country without paying the local duty and taxes. Regulations related to Duty Free cigarettes, cigars, cigarillos or tobacco products have now been introduced by this country. These rules affect imports only and not exports, duty free tobacco may still be on sale for you to export out of the country on your departure.

Companies operating the “Tax Refund – Sales Tax Rebate Scheme” for tourists include: Global Blue, Tax Free Worldwide, UK Tax Refund, TaxFree Shopping Ltd, Louisana Tax Free, FEXCO, GB taxfree, TaxBack, VatFree, Travel Tax Free and Global Refund. There are some restrictions as to what and where you can buy, but your tax free retailer will be able to assist you with the regulations. Many luxury stores throughout Europe, Asia and beyond offer this scheme, enabling you to save by buying at discount prices and recovering the local tax.