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SIA-SQ | Singapore Airlines

Inflight Duty Free shopping on airlines with global routes, such as Qatar Airways, Qantas, Etihad, Emirates and Singapore Airlines is available, often with a pre-order facility before you travel or through a seat-back video screen.

These carriers offer a wide selection of goods, but for various reasons, alcohol and tobacco products may not be available in the airline Duty Free shop. For this reason it is best to check our links to the on-board sales webpage, before you fly.

You must be travelling internationally to qualify for the Duty Free discounts, but some carriers like Singapore now offer a home delivery service for some of their Tax-paid products. For home delivery, tax must be paid on the goods, because they have not been exported in the normal fashion. Sometimes the retail operator pays the local sales tax for you and you can check this via their catalogue or website.

Buying on board gives you the advantage of choosing from your seat and is more relaxed than airport shopping. If you are connecting flights, be sure to check the packing of liquids with the crew, otherwise you may risk the confiscation of your goods at your transfer airport.

Tobacco restrictions: You are not allowed to purchase tobacco products on arrival or import tobacco products into this country without paying the local duty and taxes. Regulations related to Duty Free cigarettes, cigars, cigarillos or tobacco products have now been introduced by this country. These rules affect imports only and not exports, duty free tobacco may still be on sale for you to export out of the country on your departure.

Click below for the airline duty free website, to review the prices of the products such as perfumes, beauty, gifts, spirits cigarettes and tobaccos. Some airlines now allow you to reserve goods and offers for direct delivery to your seat. If the airline does not have any on board sales or a pre-order catalogue, then we may direct you to an airport website instead.