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Duty Free shopping on Ryanair, easyjet, Vueling or Wizz is not widespread, because even though these low-cost airlines dominate the European skies, most of their destinations are within the EU, where actual duty free sales are not permitted.

Ryanair do fly to Morocco, Norway and soon to Israel, easyjet also covers Israel, Wizz eastern europe and Vueling southern Europe. Most cover Switzerland, but perhaps three-quarters of all these flights are between EU destinations.

The products sold on board to these EU destinations are all Tax-paid, the description sometimes used, “Tax Free”, really means discounted, or sales tax/VAT deducted. But, you will not find Duty Free cigarettes, tobaccos or spirits on board (to take home with you), when flying within the EU. You can buy a drink, but only small bottles or cans are available.

Ryanair do not yet have an online Duty Free inflight pre-order system, but for flights to places like The Canaries or Morocco (non-EU Countries) a limited range is sold. The easyjet airline shopping guide is much more comprehensive and covers all food, drink and “duty frees”.

Most of the non-EU destinations that these airlines serve will have an airport shopping mall, both on arrival and departure, where the product range will be much more extensive than on the aircraft. You’ll find the in-flight price list (if it exsits), by clicking the link on this page or by searching our airport and airline shopping guide above. Just enter your destination and “go”.