Duty Free Ferry Cruise Ports | Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal



Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal

This is an International ferry port and if your ship is travelling to an international destination, you will be able to buy duty free goods on board. You will not be able to buy tax-free or duty free goods if your ferry is a domestic sailing, within the same country.

Tobacco restrictions: You are not allowed to purchase tobacco products on arrival or import tobacco products into this country without paying the local duty and taxes. Regulations related to Duty Free cigarettes, cigars, cigarillos or tobacco products have now been introduced by this country. These rules affect imports only and not exports, duty free tobacco may still be on sale for you to export out of the country on your departure.

Numerous ferries operate between Hong Kong, Kowloon, Macau and the cities in mainland China. Duty Free sales are permitted on these international routes for departing passengers and the shops can normally be found in the port, rather than on the ship. Please check our port shop section for details. Tobacco products into Hong Kong are restricted. Ferry Operators include: Cotai Jet, Macau Dragon, HK North West Express, New World Fast Ferry and Shun Tak China.