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Piraeus Hellenic Seaport Store

European Union: There is a duty free Port Shop at this location where you can buy goods for your cruise or ferry sailing. Some port stores have restrictions as to whether you can buy tax free goods on embarkation or disembarkation, this will depend on the local rules and also whether your ship is travelling to an international destination. If you are travelling within the same country on a domestic sailing, or to another EU Member State, you cannot buy duty free or tax-free goods on this journey. But, if your ship is docking at a non-EU Country and sailing in international waters, then the sale of duty free goods will be allowed.

You can still buy goods for an EU or domestic journey, but these goods will be tax-paid. The advantage of buying EU tax-paid goods is that there is no limit to what you can buy and take to another EU Country, providing these goods are for your personal use only and not for commercial purposes.

The Greek Firm Hellenic Duty Free Shops operate numerous seaport shops throughout Greece. A full range of products will be available for sale to travellers through this port, when departing the country by sea. Liquor and tobacco products will only be available for sale at duty free prices to those departing Greece for a non-EU Country. Greece does not permit arrivals duty free shopping, but some products will be available at good prices when disembarking from your cruise or ferry, even though these goods are tax-paid.