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Northern Cyprus TRNC

Northern Cyprus TRNC

Girne Port

This international port handles both ferries and cruise ships. If your ferry is travelling to another country from this port, you will be able to purchase duty free goods on board or at the embarcation port shop.

Most, if not all cruise ships, sail in international territorial waters, so you will be able to buy duty free and tax-free goods onboard during your journey.

Some cruise lines only allow you to consume your duty free alcohol after you have finished your cruise. Check with your cruise specialist before you sail, for more details.

This Country is regarded as outside the European Customs Union for tax purposes.

Cruise Ships operating from Turkish ports usually travel in international waters, Turkey is not a member state of the EU, so duty free and tax-free goods can be sold on board, if a shop is available. Cruise Operators include: Cunard, Royal Caribbean, Seaborn, Costa, P&O, Carnival, Celebrity, Windstar, Holland America, Norwegian, and Thomson. The duty free allowances on cruise ships will depend on where you are travelling to and from and how often you leave and re-join the ship with the goods you have purchased on shore. Your customs allowances limit will apply at the point that you finally leave the ship and return home. Turkish Ferry Operators include: UKR Ferry, Istanbul Fast Ferry, Marmara Lines, Mesline and Bodrum Express. Port shops in the docks may have slightly different regulations, please see our port store messages for details, as the rules will apply to each different location.