Duty Free Ferry Cruise Ports | Colon Cristobal Pier



Colon Cristobal Pier

This international port primarily handles cruise ships. Most, if not all cruise ships, sail in international territorial waters, so you will be able to buy duty free and tax-free goods onboard during your journey.

Some cruise lines only allow you to consume your duty free alcohol after you have finished your cruise. Check with your cruise specialist before you sail, for more details.

Colon Freezone is located at the Caribbean entry to the Panama Canal and is north of the capital city. This is a wholesale duty free and tax-free commercial freeport and it is not the location for individual shopping. However, you can purchase small quantities of goods and have them delivered to the airport for your departure.

More often the purchases made in Colon are for traders who wish to export bulk goods, either personally or through shipment. This destination should not be regarded as a tax free shopping area, such as the Malls found on other Caribbean islands. Whereas the Fuerte Amador Mall on the south side of the Canal Zone is located next to the cruise port and travellers can buy a full range of duty free and tax-free merchandise at the many shops on offer.

Soon we will give you a ferry or cruise ship affiliate link where you can order your duty free goods online for collection on arrival at the store. This will save you time during your journey and also money as tax-free discounts and coupons are often available for online pre-order purchases. In the meantime, for prices and details of the products available at the shop, please contact us.

The 'duty free on arrival app' is now available for use in Android beta v1, enabling a global search for duty free shopping from your cellfone. Please see our 'about' page for details.

Many Cruise and Ferry Port retailers are yet to publish their on-line duty free catalogues, prices and store locations. As soon as the online duty free pre-order information is available, we will update this page.