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Tuticorin Ferry Port

This is an International ferry port and if your ship is travelling to an international destination, you will be able to buy duty free goods on board. You will not be able to buy tax-free or duty free goods if your ferry is a domestic sailing, within the same country.

Soon we will give you a ferry or cruise ship affiliate link where you can order your duty free goods online for collection on arrival at the store. This will save you time during your journey and also money as tax-free discounts and coupons are often available for online pre-order purchases. In the meantime, for prices and details of the products available at the shop, please contact us.

The 'duty free on arrival app' is now available for use in Android beta v1, enabling a global search for duty free shopping from your cellfone. Please see our 'about' page for details.

This service is currently suspended due to a legal dispute. Flemingo Liners operate the ferry route between Sri Lanka and India and it is planned to include a duty free shop on board as one of the passenger facilities. There is a duty free Seaport Store in the Colombo passenger terminal, please see this section for further details.