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Haldia Seaport Store

There is a duty free Seaport Shop at this location where you can buy goods for your cruise or ferry sailing. Some port stores have restrictions as to whether you can buy tax free goods on disembarkation or only on embarkation. This will depend on the local rules and also if your ship is travelling to an international destination.

In general, you will be allowed to buy on embarkation, if your destination is another Country and your cruise or ferry is travelling in international waters. This rule does not apply to those travelling within The EU, nor does it apply to those travelling domestically, within the same country. Some countries permit “arrivals duty free shopping”, in this case you will also be able to buy when you disembark your ship.

The Indian Firm Flemingo Duty Free operates numerous duty free stores within the port areas where you can buy goods on departure and also on arrival. Many of these stores are in commercial port areas to service merchant shipping, rather than cruise or ferry docks, but Mumbai and Goa also handle tourist traffic. If you are buying duty free on departure from India, your customs limits will apply to your final destination of disembarkation. India permits the purchase of duty free on arrival so most ports stores should permit this, in which case your customs limits and allowances will be similar to arriving by air. Click our customs button to check the exemptions. Visitors travelling to or from other parts of India on domestic sailings will not be able to buy duty free goods.

Many Cruise and Ferry Port retailers are yet to publish their on-line duty free catalogues, prices and store locations. As soon as the online duty free pre-order information is available, we will update this page.