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Airline in-flight duty free shopping catalogue: International airlines operate routes to many destinations and you will be able to buy goods from the on board selection.

If your journey with this airline is international, rather than domestic, you will be permitted to buy goods at tax-free and duty free prices.

Some major carriers no longer stock liquors or tobaccos in-flight, so by reviewing the product selection before you travel, you will be able to decide upon where you can buy and how to find the best prices.

The transit of liquids on aircraft and also the carry-on baggage regulations can sometimes make the purchase of duty free goods complicated. If you buy your liquids inflight or on arrival at the airport, you can avoid some of these problems and when you are changing planes (in transit) for another onward destination, buying your duty free after landing at your final destination could be the best option.

This is a regional or charter airline operating mainly domestic flights. Duty Free goods are only available to passengers travelling on international flights. If you are connecting to an international destination with a partner airline, or flying on an international charter, a duty free in-flight catalogue and price list should be available.

Soon you will see images appearing below this message with a click-through airline web link for the in-flight duty free list. By scrolling down and clicking through direct to the airline website you can review the selection of duty free products and the prices, before you travel. Some airlines allow you to reserve your merchandise for delivery on the aircraft, many more are introducing online pre-order for their onboard sales.