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CAB-IN | Carry-on Baggage Hand Luggage

This is a special page for airline passengers designed to assist you with some of the baggage problems you may experience during your journey and in particular the varied rules related to carry-on baggage, in Europe known as hand-baggage. There can be a vast difference with the airline rules and regulations around the world and also between the different types of carrier, such as a “Low-Cost Airline” (LCC), a “Legacy” international airline or a “Charter Airline”.

You may be changing airlines during your journey so it is well worth confirming the cabin baggage and checked-in luggage regulations in advance. In Europe, low cost carriers tend to impose much stricter regulations for cabin bags than their counterparts in other parts of the world and they often restrict you to only one cabin bag. This is known as 'the one bag rule' and you should be careful as to the number of bags you try to carry on board. In the USA and other parts of the world it is quite normal to carry numerous bags into the cabin, but in Europe there are restrictions.

The most informative source for pre-boarding information, is the website “airfarewatchdog' this should help you to plan your journey in advance. Click the image below it will take you to the page where they detail all the various airline rules and regulations. The image to the right will take you to an advice page for flyers.