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Cairo Downtown Duty Free Shopping

Downtown duty free shopping is a concept that is well known in Pacific and Asian countries such as Korea, Japan, Macau, Singapore, The Philippines and Thailand, the practice is now spreading to other countries around the world.

It means that visitors to these countries can purchase duty free and tax-free goods outside the airport or the port area. Some local rules and restrictions apply and the retailers will be able to inform you in detail.

You must take your passport with you when you shop and it is advisable to have a copy of your flight or cruise ticket with you which shows that you are a travelling visitor and non-resident of the country.

Some retailers are obliged to deliver your purchases to you at the airport or port for your departure as Downtown shopping requires the export of the goods. The product ranges in many of these stores focus on beauty product, (perfumes, cosmetics and make-up), high fashion brands, leather goods, jewellery and watches. But, liquors and tobaccos can be found in many stores.

There may now be some restrictions on the purchase on arrival and import of alcohol and tobacco into this country as the Egyptian Ministry of Finance has introduced some new restrictions. Note, November 2012: It would appear that the proposed restrictions have now been relaxed and the import, or purchase on arrival, of liquors and tobaccos is now acceptable. In fact, the prices for these products lines in Egyptian arrival duty free stores are very competitive compared to other parts of the world. A carton of 200 cigarettes currently retails for around USD$16.