Duty Free Border Downtown | Studánky Frontier Shopping Centre EU

Czech Republic

Czech Republic

Studánky Frontier Shopping Centre EU

This border crossing point is located in the EU. In some European countries there are large shopping areas at the road frontier points, where you can buy many goods at discount prices. This cross border location has a large shopping area with numerous shops selling a varied range of goods, such as foods, electrical products, perfumes and cosmetics, liquors and wines and tobaccos.

Although these goods are neither tax nor duty-free, European countries have different tax levels such as 'value added tax' (VAT/TVA), or the 'excise duty' levied on products like alcohol or tobaccos.

There could also be advantageous currency exchange rates for travellers coming from countries that do not use the €uro. This can mean that some goods are much cheaper in different EU Countries, compared to your home country.

The European Union is a free trade area where travellers can purchase goods for their own personal use and travel with them to another EU country, but most EU Governments impose a recommended allowance limit on goods such as cigarettes, tobaccos, cigars and liquors, purchased in another State. Perfumes, cosmetics, toiletries, electrical goods, foods and household goods do not normally carry any purchase limit or restriction. This is why you see two different allowances (exemptions) for intra-EU travellers in our customs section as there is one limit for EU travel and another for travelling outside the community. The recommended allowances for shopping in EU cross border stores for wines and beers is generous, some countries allow you to buy up to 120 litres of beer or 60 litres of wine, for your return journey.

Cross Border shopping is growing within The European Union and more shopping centres are being developed. If you find a travel destination on this site with the EU Border Crossing icon, you will know that there will be an opportunity to shop at very good prices, even though these goods are neither tax-free nor duty-free. You should remember that your allowances and exemptions apply to your country of arrival and not to the country of your departure, so make sure you buy within the recommended limit of the country you are travelling to. To find these various customs limits, just search for your destination in the box above click 'go' and then hit the red customs icon from the search box.