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Cross Border Shopping Brazil - Punta Pora

The opening of Duty Free cross-border shopping outlets (Lojas Francas na Fronteira) has now been approved by the Brazilian Government through an Act of Parliament. Within the next 12 months you will be able to find tax-free shops at the frontier points along the borders between Brazil and the neighbouring countries of Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia, Uruguay, Venezuela and Guyana. Most of these countries already permit this border shopping trade and Brazil has decided to introduce these new facilities with a view to attracting tourist revenues. With the football World Cup and the Olympic Games coming to Brazil soon, it is expected that border traffic will increase considerably.

The Government has already stated that these stores will be officially named “Tax-Free Shops”, using the globally understood English terminology, rather than the Portuguese expression 'Free Shop na Fronteira' or 'Lojas Francas”. The customs regulations and other exemptions are yet to be fully clarified, so to find out if you can buy duty free products during your journey, please check back later for updates.

In Latin America, it is not usually permitted to buy tax-free goods at a store in the country where you are a citizen or resident. Most of the shops are designated for foreign visitors and tourists. You are allowed to buy on the other side of the border, if there are tax-free shops situated there.