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Airline Codeshare agreements can make buying duty free quite complicated. Codeshare is a method where airlines share flights and Identifier Flight Codes (flight numbers), but this can prove to be quite confusing for travellers especially if you are trying to find out if you can shop on board. For example, you may have booked an American Airlines flight across the atlantic, only to discover that the aircraft is actually operated by British Airways.

In itself, this is not a problem, except when you want to find the airline duty free shopping catalogue and price list for the in-flight sales. Then, you discover that the gift you were hoping to buy at a bargain price is not available as the product range or the prices are different.

The best advice we can offer for this situation is to firstly check which airline actually operates your flight and especially to check each leg of your journey, then to ensure you find the correct airline duty free catalogue or price list for this journey. 'What can you buy' is the most common enquiry to this site, so we have also added key airline shop on board links to numerous airport specific pages, this gives you the option to review all the product and price information for your journey.