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International Ferry Line, duty free sales on-board: This ferry line operates services in international waters connecting different countries, so you will be permitted to buy duty free goods onboard during your voyage. The only exception to this rule will be if your ship is sailing on a domestic route to the same country. Some international ferry services enter the European Union and dock at EU member states. But, this type of journey will visit a country outside the EU, so duty free sales will still be allowed. A good example of this would be ferries between Greece and Turkey or from Morocco to Spain.

Outside Europe there are no such restrictions and a full selection of tax-free products will be available if this Line has shops on board ship. In most countries, especially in Asia, there are also duty free port stores in the harbour area where you can buy goods on arrival, or before departure.

This ferry line has routes which are mostly domestic sailings, it does operate some routes to other countries as well, so duty free sales onboard ship will be allowed on these sailings. The duty free prices for cigarettes, cigars and tobacco will reflect the largest saving as the tax on these products is high. Liquors, wines and spirits will reflect similar price savings.