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Travel Retail Operators

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Flemingo Duty Free is a relative newcomer to the Travel Retail sector, but has grown rapidly since the company was founded in Dubai, especially in the Indian sub-continent and Africa. Apart from being a major retail player throughout India and Sri Lanka, the Company has found a unique niche in developing markets where many duty free stores were less sophisticated or there was no store at all. Many countries in Africa now have a Flemingo duty free shop.

The Firm's spread now encompasses all sectors of the Travel Retail market: airports, onboard ship and air supply, border stores, diplomatic sales and branded product distribution, all managed from the Free Zone Jebel Ali, Dubai UAE. The most recent acquisition by Flemingo, Baltona of Poland brings the company into Europe with both tax-free and tax paid stores and in September 2013 the Company announced their first duty-free store concession in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil.

How does duty free work, can you buy, which products do they sell, what shops are available, do they open for my flight, best prices?.

There is a long list of duty-free related questions asked by travellers before they start their journey.

Travel Retail is a diverse business and most Operators have outlets in global locations, so the best travel shopping advice we can offer is to search your destination in the box above and find the stores which are available for your destination. Be it by land, sea or air, duty free stores can be found if you are travelling internationally.

The duty free on arrival global search 'App' for phone and tablet is now available in Android version beta v1, we are working hard to make it the best travel shopping site and mobile App available, the Apple/iOS version will follow soon. You will be able to search the globe from your phone for duty-free shops at your destination, on planes, boats, airports or border stores. To download the app click the image below to check before you fly!