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Apple products are now increasingly available in duty-free and tax-free stores and there is huge consumer demand to discover what can be bought without paying tax on these products.

In many countries, such as Brazil, iPhones, iPads and laptops are much more expensive than in other countries, this fuels the travel retail searches for discounted Apple products.

Most airport stores for Apple products are operated by Premium Resellers and the new store openings or “shop-in-shop” concept is expanding. To date this website knows about Apple Airport Stores in Singapore Changi (iStudio), Atlanta (iTravel), Bangkok Downtown (King Power Centre), Hong Kong (DG Lifestyle), Montreal Trudeau (iStore), Auckland (JR Duty Free), Zurich (Nuance Duty Free Store), Sydney Airport Terminal 1, Amsterdam Schiphol airport Electronics store, Panama Free Zone and Dallas Texas. In the United Kingdom, Dixons Travel has tax-free electronics shops in most airports and they also sell a range of Apple products.

But, it is important to note certain factors when considering buying these products on your travels. Some of these electronic affiliate stores are not tax-free or duty-free at all, just airport stores, but without duty-free accreditation. However, the prices may still be cheaper than your home country.

Likewise, not all Apple Premium Resellers retail iPhones as often these phones are sold by a separate distributor associated with the cellfone networks. If phones are available they will almost certainly be unlocked.

Many countries offer the Tax Free Shopping refund service on goods purchased in normal (non-airport) downtown stores and it is here that there will be a larger selection. In Europe (EU), the sales tax on goods is between 18% and 23% and it is usually included in the price. So, if you can recover this tax when you return home through the refund service, there could be a huge saving.

The best way to find this information is to search your destination country in the above box and then look for “Tax Free” Retailer or Outlets. Another method is to contact the companies who process the refunds, such as Global Blue. They will be able to provide specific details as to the various refund schemes. In Asian countries, the local VAT/Sales tax can be less, such as 7%. So, when comparing tax-free prices for Apple products, there are many factors to consider.

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