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Dixons Travel is primarily a British based airport electrical retail operation and is part of the DSG Retail Group that spans Europe. In the United Kindgdom, Dixons Travel operate outbound (airside) stores in almost all major British airports, they also have stores in Dublin Ireland, Copenhagen Denmark and in Italy, Rome and Milan. As yet, they have not opened any baggage hall arrivals stores, after immigration and before customs.

The product range available includes a complete selection of electronics, gadgets and accessories. Dixons do sell mobile phones, including unlocked iPhones (when in stock), but the selection is not extensive. Cameras and Camcorders is the major speciality, along with tablets and laptops, but also music equipment, iPods, MP3s, headphones, headsets, speakers and batteries.

Prices in these outlets can sometimes be confusing when described as 'Tax-Free'. Firstly, there is no 'Excise Duty' on these products, so they cannot be described as Duty-Free. But, the tax-free element refers to the sales tax or VAT (IVA/GST/TVA) levied on the sales. This varies in Europe between 20% and 25% of the price, but within the European Union tax is included in the selling price, unlike in the USA, where it is added.

Dixons sell at one price, regardless of your destination, be it within the EU or outside. Technically speaking, Tax-Free sales are only permitted for travellers leaving the European Union, but Dixons give the same price to everyone.

Dixons have a huge British retail operation branded as one of, Dixons, Currys or PC World and an online pre-order website for their entire product range. By searching these websites, you can compare prices and products before your trip and to check that the airport prices are advantageous. In some countries it may be possible to buy downtown and claim back the tax on your departure, but this facility would only be available to non-EU residents. For more information about tax-refund, search your destination and the various operators in the box above.

The Company has just introduced their new store concept at London's Gatwick airport, there are plans to re-develop all their stores with this new format.

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