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Maritime & Mercantile International (MMI) is the leading distributor and marketing agency for alcoholic drinks in the United Arab Emirates and the Gulf region, majoring in Dubai, but also with partnerships in Abu Dhabi and Oman. Their travel retail brand is known as 'Le Clos', where a range of drinks are sold, especially wines.

The Firm now have various duty free wine stores in the terminals of Dubai airport including one located in the exclusive Airbus A380 terminal.

In this region the sale of alcohol is restricted and only available to non-Muslims, residents of Dubai require a Liquor Licence to purchase in the downtown stores. But in the airport, alcohol is for sale in the arrivals duty-free shops located in the baggage halls of each terminal, where no licence is required to purchase. This allows inbound passengers to pick-up their drinks on the way in to the country.

The Le Clos website has an extensive section for duty free allowances and limits, these exemptions can also be found by searching your destination above and clicking the red customs icon. The Le Clos site also offers a pre-order facility for those wishing to order before departure.

The sale of duty-free wine has become a major sector of the business in recent years as the interest has grown in Asia, especially China. There is a multitude of transit flights to China through Dubai international airport.