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Travel Retail Operators

Monalisa - Aphrodite

Monalisa run one of the largest retail emporiums in the Paraguayan border town of Ciudad del Este where goods are sold at tax-free prices. The Firm was started by a family of Lebanese descent, initially with luxury boutiques named “Aphrodite” in Asuncion and then extended to Punta del Este in Uruguay and to Sao Paolo in Brazil. But, the real market is in Paraguay where thousands of Brazilians flock to the city to buy goods at prices up to 35% cheaper than at home.

Liquor, whisky is the biggest seller, but Monalisa has an eight-floor department store featuring branded perfumes, cosmetics, fashions and a cellar with fine wines. Technically the goods are not fully tax-free or duty-free as some local taxes are paid, but prices are still way below the neighbouring countries of Brazil and Argentina.

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