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Travel Retail Operators

Denaster General Trading – Inov8

Denaster General Trading is a little known Dubai based company that operates retail stores in airports selling electronic and technology products. The company represent various brands, including Microsoft. Their airport stores include Dubai, Qatar, Bahrain, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi & Muscat.

Electronic products are not really duty-free as they only attract sales tax, but most airport retailers are obliged to sell at prices below the local domestic market.

Tourists and business travellers all seek a bargain on their travels, hence the many questions related to tax-free and duty-free shopping.

'Where are the best duty free prices, buying a TV duty-free, list of shops, store hours, carrying liquids thru, can you shop at?', these are just some of the questions we receive on the subject.

Our suggestion is to search your travel shopping requirements by destination or carrier, rather than by brand or product. The reason being that duty-free prices and rules vary by country or even your mode of transport. So, check your destination first, by using the search facility provided above.

The duty free on arrival global search 'App' for phone and tablet is now available in Android version beta v1, we are working hard to make it the best travel shopping site and mobile App available, the Apple/iOS version will follow soon. You will be able to search the globe from your phone for duty-free shops at your destination, on planes, boats, airports or border stores. To download the app click the image below to check before you fly!