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Vierci Group

Grupo Vierci is a diversified retail and product distribution group operating in Latin America, with their base in Paraguay. The interest for duty free shoppers is their retail outlets located in Iquique Chile at a special tax-free shopping zone. The Mall Zofri is a special area in Northern Chile located near the port city and close to the borders of Peru and Bolivia. It has been designated as a free zone area for shoppers.

Vierci has an all purpose 'Mega Shopping' department store in the Mall and six other shops selling a range of goods including perfumes, cosmetics and alcohol. They also operate product distribution, specialising in trade from free zones, or freeports as they are known in English. Cross border shopping for tax-free goods is a huge business in Latin America because many countries levy punitive import duties on luxury products, this creates the market where people travel for miles to seek a bargain.

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