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Sunrise Duty Free is a Chinese retailer with experience in the distribution of liquors and tobaccos and some years ago they moved into airport retailing, winning concessions at Shanghai's Pudong airport and soon after at the new Beijing Capital. The Company shops are available to travellers both on arrival and departure and their website is very informative, showing a detail of all their featured brands and stores.

If you search our pages for these airports you will find a link to the Sunrise website, where you can find all the relevant information.

This website has no direct connection with this Firm, we purely offer our service to shoppers, so to facilitate easy access to official company information. We raise this fact, because we are aware that this Company has suffered from unfortunate internet experiences where third-parties have tried to impersonate the company. The links on our website only lead to Official Travel Retail sites and Operators, such as Sunrise, we do not directly sell goods ourselves to the public.

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