Duty Free Shop airport | LHR | London Heathrow Terminal 1

United Kingdom UK Scotland, N Ireland, Wales, England

United Kingdom UK Scotland, N Ireland, Wales, England

LHR | London Heathrow Terminal 1

UK-EU exit process: The regulations and information stated below will not change until the British exit process has been confirmed.

Duty Free airport shopping at London Heathrow is extensive, but Terminal 1 is currently under re-construction and being merged with the Queen's Terminal 2, which serves all Star Alliance Airlines.

The Heathrow airport shopping retailer does not currently have an on-line pre-order website, so it is quite difficult to find products and prices, before you travel.

The London airport authority does run an extensive website with some shopping information, but it is not as detailed as those offered for destinations such as Dubai, Singapore or Miami.

Be aware of the the difference in the description between 'Duty Free' and 'Tax Free'. Tobaccos and Liquors have both tax and duty levied on them, all other products, just local sales tax, currently the VAT rate is 20% in the UK.

To find other global duty free stores, just search above and 'go', or to find your duty free allowances for The UK, click the Customs button to the left.

If you are arriving from outside The European Union into an airport located in an EU Member State and then connecting on a flight to another EU destination, you will not be able to buy duty free goods, such as liquors and tobaccos, at duty-free prices.

What can you buy at the airport for this journey? Other goods, like perfumes, cosmetics and gifts are available at competitive 'tax-free' equivalent prices. Any available alcohol and tobacco sales, for EU-transfer passengers, are tax and duty-paid goods.