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PVG | Shanghai Pudong Terminal 2

Duty Free at Shanghai Pudong airport is allowed both on arrival and in the departure lounge. Tax Free shopping applies only to international passengers, not those travelling internally in China. Pudong airport is increasing the size of their baggage claim stores, so to accommodate the demand for arrival shopping.

Many gateway airports in China have arrivals duty free outlets in the baggage halls, where you can buy tax-free goods before you pass through customs and the Government is increasing the number of locations where arrivals duty free is permitted.

If you are taking a connecting flight within China, it is best to buy at your first point of arrival into the country. These arrivals duty free stores not only enable you to pick up any last minute items that you were unable to buy at your outbound airport, but it gives you duty free shopping on landing, to buy liquid products such as liquors or wine. This can help to avoid any potential problems of confiscation by security.

Chinese Duty Free retailers are now introducing online duty free pre-order services, so you can purchase before your departure. When available, we will add a link beneath this text, directly to the airport retail website.

Some airline and airport retailers are yet to publish their online duty free prices and catalogues, others have now started incorporating online pre-order facilities.

We will publish the details for this airport as soon as they are available and where relevant to this airport, publish the airline in-flight price list, enabling you to make a comparison of the available products and prices.

If no local sites are available, we will provide links to a site where you can best check prices.