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Japan Tax Free

Since October 2014 Japan has introduced a form of domestic Tax Free shopping where visitors to the country, staying for a limited period, can buy merchandise free of the local sales taxes. The saving is in the region of 9% in value.

It is interesting to note that alcoholic drinks and tobaccos are included in the list of applicable products.The Japanese Tax Free shopping scheme works in a similar fashion to many 'Downtown Duty Free Stores' operating in other parts of Asia, where you can buy certain products free of the local tax, but your purchases are delivered to you on your departure from the country, not in the store. In effect, this means that the merchandise must be exported from Japan and not used or consumed locally.

If you open the sealed package, before you leave, you will be liable to re-pay the tax. This form of Travel Retail shopping is becoming very popular with numerous countries, but it is worth considering the inconvenience of having to present your purchases to The Authorities or collect them at the airport and in some cases, queue for long periods to show your goods for the tax refund.

It is often much simpler to buy in the airport, where the prices are already net of tax and there is no requirement to seek a refund or present the goods to Customs.

The details of the Japanese regulations and the various products that apply, can be found by clicking the link below.