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United States USA

United States USA

JFK | John F Kennedy Terminal 8

Arrival Duty Free is not permitted when flying to the United States of America, but departure duty free shopping is allowed in all major airports. Terminal 8 at New York John F. Kennedy (JFK) airport is a major hub for the One World Alliance dominated by American Airlines, but AA terminated their in-flight Duty Free service on board last year.

So, on your travels to the US, make sure you buy on departure. On return from the USA, you can buy in the departure terminal if you are travelling on an international flight. In the USA your purchases will be delivered to you at the gate when you board your aircraft and not in the store.

Another important advice is if your outbound airport uses the system known as “pre-clearance” for US Customs and Immigration. This procedure operates from some airports in Canada, Abu Dhabi and Ireland and will soon be extended to other airports around the world.

When you clear Customs for the USA at your outbound airport, your flight to the USA is then classified as a US Domestic and not as an International flight, because you have already cleared Customs and technically entered the USA before departure.

This means that you cannot buy Duty Free goods, such as Liquors or Tobaccos, in the departure lounge, nor can you buy these products on your flight to the US.

Some countries like Canada and Japan are studying the introduction of arrival duty free shopping as it will bring new revenues to airports and also avoid the confusion encountered by travellers with the transit of liquids on aircraft.

Airports are now introducing pre-order online duty free shopping, which can simplify matters and it also allows you to browse the products and prices in advance.