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We receive many searches asking about Duty Free store opening hours. Clearly the best advice to find the relevant operating times of the shops is to contact the retail operators directly, but this is not always as easy as it seems. Some retailers are much better than others at providing this information.

The general rule for airports is that the larger the airport, such as those in major cities and major gateways, is that they are open 24/7 and certainly during peak holiday periods. Clearly, if the retailer has an online pre-order site, you need to find out when you can collect your goods. Generally speaking, if the retailer does pre-orders, he should have a collection point round the clock. Lesser airports vary and if the duty free store that you are searching for has an online portal, we will add this to the applicable airport page.

We also have a section on this site titled 'Travel Retail Operators' and if you search this term above, it will detail a list of most, if not all the Tax Free or Duty Free retailers in this shopping sector. From there, you should be able to track which retailer works at which location.

The store opening hours are usually highlighted in the FAQ sections of the retailers' website, for some you can find it under store locations. Otherwise, it will be down to the contact us page, in the hope you get a response.

For airport duty free shops, airports have now upgraded their web portals and the best place to look here is under the section for shopping or services. Sometimes you need to do this by terminal. For airlines, it is easy, they are open for business soon after your board your flight!