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GIG | Rio de Janeiro Galeão Tom Jobim

Duty Free shopping on arrival is permitted at all Brazilian international airports and you will find stores in the baggage hall where you can buy goods before you pass through Customs.

All Brazilian duty free shops have prices based on US Dollars, so your exchange rate is a key factor as to whether prices are better than where you travelled from.

If you buy alcohol, such as whisky, gin or vodka in their arrival stores, the exemption allowance is 12 bottles per adult and you will see cases of liquors stacked up ready to buy. If you are connecting to a domestic flight, you should always buy at your first point of arrival into the country, but carrying bottles of liquor (or other liquids such as perfumes), through security and onto another flight will likely be a problem. So, the advantage of buying on arrival only really benefits you if you are not connecting flights.

Brazilian airports do have an online duty free and tax-free pre-order service, but currently this is only in Portuguese. As yet, it is not setup for foreigners to pre-order and pay for their goods. If you go to the website featured in the links below, you will be able to view the locally available duty free products and prices. This will help you decide where to buy your goods if you are hunting for duty free bargains.

This Mercosur Country permits an additional duty free allowance of up to US$500 for goods purchased in their arrivals stores.

Brazil August 2013: The Brazilian Senate have agreed to increase the inbound duty free allowance for travellers to USD$1200 in the near future. Full details need to be clarified and the Plenary needs to approve the change, but this means that travellers entering Brazil for the Olympic Games should be able to buy goods of a higher value. All international airports in Brazil have a duty free shop on arrival located near the baggage halls.