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Shopping for Duty Free on Arrival into Canada is not permitted as yet. The Canadian Government have been looking at introducing this practice for some years, but have not ratified the system.

Departure Duty Free shops are available in all major international gateway airports, but for those travelling to the United States and passing though the USCBP Pre-Clearance process, there may be restrictions as to what you can buy in these stores. Buying restrictions for Duty Free products are there because once you pre-clear US Customs and Immigration procedures, your flight is then deemed as a US Domestic flight.

Only passengers travelling internationally can buy with the normal Duty Free or Tax Free discounts. This is a peculiarity, for these USA flights, because you are leaving Canada for another Country, but these are the rules and it is worth noting them if you had planned to buy goods at a discount on or before your flight.

Also, two major US Airlines, Delta and American, recently terminated all in-flight Duty Free sales, they no longer sell products like perfumes, cosmetics, liquor or cigarettes on board. Again, it pays to be mindful of this before you travel, so you can properly plan or pre-order online. For international flights to any other international destination, the normal Duty Free products and prices will be available to all adult passengers.

To find other specific airport or airline stores in our global shopping guide, just enter your destination or airline into the search box above and 'go'. Where available, there will be a link to the relevant stores and also the red Customs button will tell you your Duty Free limits, allowances and exemptions for that country.

It is anticipated that this country will introduce arrivals duty free shopping in 2017.

Some airline and airport retailers are yet to publish their online duty free prices and catalogues, others have now started incorporating online pre-order facilities.

We will publish the details for this airport as soon as they are available and where relevant to this airport, publish the airline in-flight price list, enabling you to make a comparison of the available products and prices.

If no local sites are available, we will provide links to a site where you can best check prices.