Duty Free Shopping complaints – returns – confiscations

Duty Free complaints
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We receive numerous Duty Free Shopping complaints about returns, refunds, faulty goods and especially the confiscation of liquids.

There is a myriad of rules associated with Duty Free and some of the problems experienced are due to travelers not knowing the rules beforehand.

The other difficulty is that you buy in one place and then fly off to another, this could mean that your goods are on the other side of the world from where you purchased them. Not an easy problem to solve.

It can also be quite difficult to track down the Retailer where you purchased and to find out how to make contact with them.

We do not sell any goods from our site, all we do is offer an information service for those wishing to research and buy on their travels.

Duty Free on Arrival is entirely independent from all Travel Retail Operators, we have no association or bias towards one or the other. So, you will get a completely impartial appraisal to your question.

Our mission is simply to offer useful information and tips, so that you can get the best out of the shopping on your travels.

If this helps people to get the bargains they were hoping for, then we are doing our job! Happy shopping, because a satisfied shopper comes back again!

Feel free to contact us, post or check before you fly on our global shopping guide.


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