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Travel Retail Traffic was born out of the website which was first launched in 2008 as a concept website. At that time, with a very basic global Airport & Airline Shopping Guide.

airport airlines duty free traffic
Original Global Duty Free Guide 2009 and now Travel Retail Traffic

The purpose of the site* was to advise Consumers as to where they could buy their “Duty Free on Arrival“, a little known concept to those in Europe or North America, but with the huge convenience of not having to carry the goods with you around the globe. Such a practice avoids many of the pitfalls experienced by travelers, like the numerous confiscations by Airport Security.

Later in 2010, the database was extended, with the addition of land border, downtown and maritime shopping information for travelers and thus providing all the different purchase options available.

Today in 2017, the online Travel Retail shopping market is moving on and now airlines and airports are finally talking about joining forces to integrate retail offers to consumers with the best available duty free deals, at the right time. And, with many more convenient delivery options – including those available “on arrival”.

Some Operators are even talking about home-delivery now, but within most Customs regulations, there are restrictions on what you can buy. (Mostly within Europe, alcohol and tobaccos** cannot be included for delivery to your property they must be exported personally by the passenger).

Digital duty free airport airtraffix
Integrating Airport shopping and Airline Traffic for a better experience – Strategic Document, Ricardo Pilon Airline Consultant Published 2015.

Now, is developing Travel Retail Traffic  and addressing the new digital era for shopping, soon we intend to integrate our store data with airline information, so to maximise the passenger air traffic data, for better and easier shopping.

What will this do for you, the consumer?

It means that you will be able to find all the different shopping options on your journey and not just those in the airport or on your flight. It also means that you will be able to find the most convenient delivery options for your trip too and where allowed, the Tax Free refund services in Downtown stores and Outlet Malls.

Travel Retail, (better known as Duty Free Shops), has tended to resist digital change until now, just as airlines have been very selective with their air traffic data related to passengers’ journeys. But this is changing now and the market is opening up. Everybody wants to generate ancillary revenues, but we want to put the consumer first.

tax refund shopping
Tax Free Shops Global Refunds

For almost ten years we have seen what you are searching for online and where, so the eventual Travel Retail Traffic platform will primarily focus on your needs and priorities, not theirs!

Digital communication gives you more choice to find all your options for your trip, rather than just being “captive” in the airport.

Look out for more developments soon and we will keep you updated as to our progress and if you have any ideas or suggestions as to what you would like to find when it comes to Travel Retail…. please let us know.

travel retail traffic duty free

Meantime, check before you fly at our global shopping and information directory for all the details related to your specific journey.

Update: 11/04/17

Since our post related to this market development, the need for such a model has been supported by a key Duty Free Industry airline retail Conference.  The inaugural DFNI Inflight Forum… “We need to secure these multiple sales channels, whether its a web-order, mail-order, online credit card processing or corporate orders. These are all methods and target audiences for us.”

* Before we launched our database for arrivals shopping, nobody had ever created such a directory for consumers. DFOA and our associates were the first to create this search facility by researching every territory in the world for the relevant Customs rules. We retain all this original correspondence and our research documents on file. Our databases and the global arrivals search mechanisms are copyright protected and original IP.

** Moving forward, this information will become a vital participant for the digital sales of home or airport "Duty Free" deliveries, because online sales portals will need to incorporate all the relevant Rules, before they can sell to you. Such Customs Rules are highly relevant to the delivery aspects of your goods, because in some Territories or Jurisdictions, the online or mail-order of so-called Duty Free sales is not permitted.

*** What is Duty Free? First published 11/8/2010 Explaining exactly what you are buying and whether it includes the tax or not.

New airline security rules and Electronics in Duty Free Shops

Buying electronics in Duty Free shops has been a growing trend over a number of years and the selection of products has grown enormously. Additional stand-alone airport electronic stores are also more common in the terminals, especially with the growth in demand for smartphones and tablets.

We can see regular searches on our main store directory database for items such as “iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Tab 3” and the Latino terms for a phone “celular or fones“. We also now see many searches for “apple watch, smartwatch, Huawei Watch, Gear3 or LG Watch style“.

mobiles duty free
Duty Free Smartphones

All this has come about because in some countries, the latest electronic gadgets are very expensive, due to the high import duties levied in some countries.

In particular we see these searches from SE Asia and Latin America. Many Spanish and Portuguese searches seek out “Panama Duty Free” because this tax-free territory is perceived to have much cheaper prices for these gadgets than many other countries, like Brazil.

A similar trend is apparent from certain Asian countries, although from these territories “Dubai Duty Free” is a more common search term.

And now, for anyone flying to the UK or the USA via some Middle Eastern, North African or Gulf Countries, your problems could start with the recently imposed “Laptop Ban” in the main aircraft cabin. Especially if you had planned to buy any electronics in a Duty Free airport store, whilst travelling.

electronics duty free delhi
Electronics Store Delhi Airport – where are you flying to?

These new rules are very ambiguous, confusing and we are discussing here, any new purchases in Duty Free Stores and we are not referring to the gadgets you had already planned to take with you from home.

That said, the rules are much the same, except that your personal possessions will (mostly**) be dealt with at the check-in area, before you enter the “duty-free airside section” of an airport.

Without wishing to tell you something you don’t already know!  Once you “go airside” (i.e through security to your Gate for boarding), it is hard to turn back. More importantly, not all airlines will then have the facility to place any newly purchased electronics into the baggage hold of the aircraft.

If they do, it still could mean a long wait at the Gate and also the possibility of extra bag charges, but this will depend on each airline.

* Electronics in Duty Free Shops, how your purchases will relate to the new security rules into Great Britain and beyond.

If you are travelling in or out of the UK with any of the airlines below, to or from any of the Countries mentioned below, you should check with the store, to find out if you can now carry your electronics purchase with you into the main cabin. Or whether your airlines will check it in for you as hold baggage.

Do not assume anything, ask and ask again.

Likewise, you should really also contact the Airline Customer Service departments at the British (or other) airlines mentioned below, for an extra double-check, before you buy.

The British government announced Tuesday that it would be following the United States in banning large electronic items in cabin baggage on flights from several Middle Eastern and North African countries.

Passengers traveling from Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia and Saudi Arabia will from now on be forced to check their bags in if they carry any electronic equipment larger than 16 centimeters (6 inches) long, 9.3 cm wide and 1.5 cm deep.

The British airlines to be affected by the move are British Airways, EasyJet,, Monarch, Thomas Cook and Thomson, while the foreign ones are Turkish Airlines, Pegasus Airways, Atlas-Global Airlines, Middle East Airlines, Egyptair, Royal Jordanian, Tunis Air and Saudia.

** Apparently, Emirates in Dubai, are packing your electronics at the Boarding Gate for you and then placing these possessions in the hold. At this time, we don’t know if this is free or charged. For sure they will do the same for purchases made in the Dubai Duty Free shops. But expect long queues at the Gate for the time being.

Always better to know all the rules in advance …. check before you fly!

Internacional: Para buscar tiendas libres de impuestos, catálogos y precios, ingresa tu ciudad o país de destino y haga clic "Go". Cuando encuentre la información de su destino haga clic en el icono rojo de Aduanas para la búsqueda restricciones aduaneros. Para encontrar lojas duty free e os preços, inserir destino, click e Go! A cota de isenção alfandegária refere-se ao seu país de chegada e não ao país de partida. Os regulamentos alfandegários podem ser encontrados clicando no botão aduaneiro para a esquerda ou procurando seu país de destino.

American airlines are United stopping Duty Free on board

United stopping Duty Free on board. Last Friday it was decided by the major US airline management that United Airlines had decided to follow their competitors, American & Delta and were also terminating their inflight duty free shop service.

This now means that virtually none of the airlines based out of the USA provide an on board Duty Free Shopping facility on board. In the case of United, it was declared that the decision was forced on them by falling sales and an inability to compete with other stores, especially airport shops.

Duty Free United
US Airlines all stop selling Duty Free on board

So, for those of you out there looking to shop on your travels, this option has now been removed. United’s main HUBs include Newark, Houston, Washington Dulles and San Francisco and all these airports have duty free stores in their departure terminals. You can check these details on our global shopping database.

The Duty Free shopping industry can be a strange business, especially in the USA, where few airports have extensive online catalogues for their stores and even fewer have an online pre-order portal, so it won’t be easy to find advance information. Where links are available, we will feature them. We are updating on a regular basis.

Many travellers, won’t be the least bit upset by the disappearance of the inflight duty free shop, many frequent travellers saw it as a disturbance to their sleep after eating their meal and others just couldn’t be bothered to buy. (Airlines have a miniscule 6% of the global Duty Free market).

Nowadays, airlines want to sell you their “ancillaries”, like food, drink, insurance, car hire or upgrades to premium class and clearly questions are now being asked by the airlines as to whether the duty free shop is profitable and fits with their new commercial models.

Duty Free BA
Paid Food or Duty Free, which option works best for airlines?

British Airways has moved into paid catering in Europe and are yet to do the same on long-haul flights. But as the above article from Forbes explains, a halfway-house doesn’t serve anyone properly, nor does it keep them all very happy.

Watch out for more airlines dropping their duty free shopping in the future and concentrate your shopping in the airport or downtown for a better selection of products.

But, one thing to watch; can you carry all that shopping with you on board?

Check before you fly for all relevant duty free information about your trip.

Internacional: Para buscar tiendas libres de impuestos, catálogos y precios, ingresa tu ciudad o país de destino y haga clic "Go". Cuando encuentre la información de su destino haga clic en el icono rojo de Aduanas para la búsqueda restricciones aduaneros.

Para encontrar lojas duty free e os preços, inserir destino, click e Go! A cota de isenção alfandegária refere-se ao seu país de chegada e não ao país de partida. Os regulamentos alfandegários podem ser encontrados clicando no botão aduaneiro para a esquerda ou procurando seu país de destino.

búsqueda-pesquisa: Perfumes, fragrâncias, cosméticos, beleza, tratamentos, Perfume, fragancias, cosméticos, belleza, tratamientos

Airport Duty Free stores – top locations around the world

Here are some of the links to our global database of airport Duty Free stores. This will give you easy access to the top destinations and also key Customs info.

If you want to see this duty free information in another language, just click your flag at the top of your search page. If you want to see the Allowances, click the Customs icon above the title.

London Heathrow

Dubai International

São Paulo Guarulhos Cumbica

Miami International

Madrid Barajas


Panama Tocumen


Bangkok Suvarnabhumi

We see many searches for brand names on our duty free directory, but we do not really feature individual brands, only travel destinations. It is pointless just searching for a Brand or specific product, because all listings and prices are based on where the Duty Free store is located. You cannot buy goods duty free for delivery to you at home. It is the regulation to buy them at a recognised store and take the goods with you on your journey.

Some stores do offer “home delivery” but these goods will not be tax-free in the official capacity. Such home-delivered goods will be tax-paid goods and discounted for you by the retailer, so to circumvent the Customs regulations. Of course, this doesn’t matter if the price is right.

We recommend that you check prices and products in advance and then make your decision as to how and where you wish to buy.

Here are some more key links to major airport locations….

Hong Kong

Singapore Changi





Rome Leonardo Da Vinci Fiumicino

Punta Cana

Happy travels and make sure you .. Check before you fly!

Internacional: Para buscar tiendas libres de impuestos, catálogos y precios, ingresa tu ciudad o país de destino y haga clic "Go". Cuando encuentre la información de su destino haga clic en el icono rojo de Aduanas para la búsqueda restricciones aduaneros.

Para encontrar lojas duty free e os preços, inserir destino, click e Go! A cota de isenção alfandegária refere-se ao seu país de chegada e não ao país de partida. Os regulamentos alfandegários podem ser encontrados clicando no botão aduaneiro para a esquerda ou procurando seu país de destino. 

Dicas para comprar perfumes, cosméticos e produtos de beleza nos Free Shops

É melhor verificar antecipadamente quando você compra perfumes, cosméticos ou produtos de beleza em suas viagens.

Hoje em dia as a tendência das companhias duty free é de especializar-se em produtos de beleza, fragrâncias e cosméticos. Uma das razoes é que estes produtos são mais fáceis de armazenar e transportar em vôos.

O que eu posso comprar quando chegar ao aeroporto? Há algumas lojas nas áreas de chegadas em todos os aeroportos, onde principalmente perfumes e alguns cosméticos podem ser comprados. Em vista do limitado espaço nas áreas de chegada, a seleção de produtos não é ampla e o atendimento é limitado, em comparação com as das lojas duty free nas aéreas de partida.

Perfumes e Cosméticos se encaixam na categoria de segurança aérea para líquidos? Sim, tenha cuidado com o que você carrega para o aeroporto e para o vôo. Todos estes produtos de beleza são considerados como “líquidos ou gel” e estão limitados a tamanhos máximos (normalmente 100ml ou 100g), quando passar pelos controles de segurança dos aeroportos. Se você comprar no centro da cidade, certifique-se de seus bens estão embalados em sua bagagem de porão, então você não terá problema. Mas, se você viajar com bagagem de mão só você pode ter um problema se as compras estiverem embaladas individualmente em um tamanho maior do que o limite de segurança. Se você comprar em um aeroporto, a partir das lojas francas, suas compras devem ser embaladas em uma sacola especial transparente vedada, conhecida como “Saco STEB”. De um modo geral, estes sacos devem dar-lhe livre trânsito com esses produtos para a maioria dos países. Mas, se você estiver mudando de avião em trânsito em um aeroporto, especialmente nos EUA, você terá um problema. A única resposta verdadeira para isso é tentar embalar seus produtos na bagagem etiquetada de porão de modo a evitar essas dificuldades.

Muchas compañías de bajo costo, han introducido una regla de “una sola maleta” para equipaje de mano y esto puede ser dificultoso si ud. desea ir de compras en el aeropuerto. Algunas líneas aéreas son más rígidas que otras en cuanto a cómo hacen cumplir esta regla de equipaje de mano y la respuesta es asegurarse de planear sus compras con anticipación y siempre y cuando sea posible, pre adquirir los bienes que desee para su llegada.

Compras no Duty Free Shop o que vale a pena?

Compras no Duty Free Shop. Você sabia que há muitos países no mundo onde se pode comprar produtos importados livres de impostos (Free Shopping) após desembarcar no aeroporto de chegada, assim como a bordo durante o vôo ou antes de embarcar no aeroporto de partida?

Para encontrar lojas duty free e os preços, inserir destino, click e Go! A cota de isenção alfandegária refere-se ao seu país de chegada e não ao país de partida. Os regulamentos alfandegários podem ser encontrados clicando no botão aduaneiro para a esquerda ou procurando seu país de destino.

Algumas lojas duty free impõem uma cota de compra quando você parte de um país, porém essas cotas nem sempre tem relevância quanto à cota de isenção do país de chegada. Você deveria sempre conferir os limites para o seu destino antes de comprar os produtos.

A compra de aparelhos de telefonia celular em lojas duty free é um tema complexo. Em primeiro lugar, muito poucas lojas convencionais com isençao de impostos, tais como aquelas em aeroportos, tem uma secção de telefones celulares extensa. Mais importante, a maioria dos celulares em demanda, como iPhones, são vendidos atrelados à um operador de rede local, e isto significa que eles estão bloqueados não são facilmente transferidos para outro país ou rede, e também é provável que você precise de um contrato com um provedor de serviços do país onde comprou o telefone.

Você poderá pesquisar o mundo a partir de seu telefone para as lojas duty free shop em seu destino, em aviões ou lojas de aeroporto. A seção online de isenção de impostos das linhas aéreas neste site mostra empresas do mundo todo e as regras se aplicam à produtos comprados nos vôos. Você também pode usar o site para conferir os códigos de aeroportos e linhas aéreas da IATA ou ICAO. As empresas aéreas estão listadas pelo pais onde tem sua matriz localizada.

Internacional: Para buscar tiendas libres de impuestos, catálogos y precios, ingresa tu ciudad o país de destino y haga clic "Go". Cuando encuentre la información de su destino haga clic en el icono rojo de Aduanas para la búsqueda restricciones aduaneros.

Para encontrar lojas duty free e os preços, inserir destino, click e Go! A cota de isenção alfandegária refere-se ao seu país de chegada e não ao país de partida. Os regulamentos alfandegários podem ser encontrados clicando no botão aduaneiro para a esquerda ou procurando seu país de destino.
búsqueda-pesquisa: celular, celulares fones, movil, cellfone, phones, smartphone, iphone, android, saumsung, apple

Guía de compras Duty Free, Tiendas Free Shop cómo comprar en línea

Guía de Compras Duty Free Shop de las líneas aéreas y aeropuertos. Encuentra el Catálogo de productos y los precios aqui.

Visita las tiendas duty free en aeropuertos o encontrar el catálogo de ventas a bordo de las líneas aéreas, antes de volar.

¿Sabía que hay muchos aeropuertos en el mundo donde Vd. puede comprar mercancía Duty Free (libre de impuestos) al llegar, además de las compras Duty Free a bordo o en la Tienda Free Shop de salida del aeropuerto?

Simplemente busque la compañía aérea o el aeropuerto que desea en el cuadro y haga clic para encontrar la tienda Duty Free que busca. Habrá una imagen destacada de productos a bordo con un vínculo para que pueda hacer clic y acceder asi a la lista de precios de la compañía aérea y a la página en línea de pre-compras. Actualmente, las tiendas Free Shop de las compañías aéreas tienden a especializar su gama de productos y los catálogos contienen varios productos de belleza, fragancias y obsequios.

A pesar de que las tiendas libres de impuestos y de derechos son prácticamente lo mismo, los productos de tabaco así como también los licores, vinos y bebidas blancas son generalmente conocidas como “libres de derechos aduaneros”, mientras que todos los demás bienes ya sean perfumes, cosméticos, productos de belleza, relojes y joyas son vistos como “libres de impuestos”.

Dentro del sector de transporte marítimo, tendrá muchas oportunidades para ir de compras. Muchos destinos también tienen tiendas de puerto para los viajeros donde se puede comprar, tanto cuando llegue y como cuando deje el barco.

Los cruces de frontera entre Brasil, Argentina, Paraguay y Uruguay tienen una amplia selección de tiendas diferentes en cada punto de la frontera y los ahorros pueden ser sustanciales para Ud. La gama de productos libres de impuestos va más allá de las tiendas libres de impuestos convencionales en los aeropuertos y en estos puntos de la frontera ud. puede incluso comprar productos eléctricos como televisores, lavadoras, móviles, computadoras, iPads y iPhones.

Todo antes de volar … Duty Free a la llegada

Duty Free refunds or returns – how do you arrange them?

Duty Free refunds or returns on faulty goods, is the most difficult problem to solve, because you are probably on the other side of the world when you find out that you need to make a claim.

We receive emails every day asking for a refund or a credit for damaged goods bought in Duty Free stores, even though Duty Free on Arrival does not actually sell goods to anyone!

Information for Duty Free shopping
Check before you buy!

Perhaps these mails come to us because it is difficult to track down your airport store or that the retailer duty free information is not so easy to find?

We also receive many complaints about confiscations by airport security. Unfortunately, this is the way of the world these days and without wishing to defend over-zealous security staff it is really up to the traveler to know the rules in advance.

Here’s a list of tips to help you, before you shop, so to avoid any problems……………………..

– Any liquids, however small, really need to be packed in a plastic STEB Security Bag with your receipt inside. It doesn’t matter where you are flying to, domestic or international, just ask the store to properly pack your goods.

Duty Free Security
Airline Security Rules are different to Customs Rules

– If your store says “it is not necessary”, be cautious and ask why! Security rules for personal possessions, on-board baggage limits or the Customs Regulations, are completely separate issues from the Tax-Free or Duty Free shopping rules , but many people still confuse the two.

– Your personal possessions, such as make-up, tooth paste, fragrances etc, come under slightly different security rules to those applied to your airport or airline shop purchases. The clear plastic bag required is different, for starters. This is important to know when connecting flights “in-transit” to another destination with your shopping.

– Always get a receipt, wherever you purchase. And check it! Especially if you paid by card. We know you are in a rush to get to the gate, but we have lost count how many times we have been asked to help people get duty free refunds due to mis-charging errors.

– Check which currency you are paying with and the exchange rate you are getting. Ideally before you get to the check-out and watch out for a payment method known as DCC, dynamic currency conversion.

– Don’t be afraid to ask the store staff about where you can return your goods and get a refund if you have a problem. But ask this before you leave the store and ideally before the cash desk. Get a business card or the retailer’s address at the time.

– For electronics, ask about the world-wide guarantee/warranty for the product at the time of purchase. Ask to see the guarantee, before you buy.

Cruise info duty free
Liquors on board?

– Did you check if your Cruise Line lets liquors purchased on-shore, aboard ship? It’s too late after you have left the store downtown! Ask before you go ashore.

– When you bought that nice Perfume or make-up, you tested the product in store then took a nice new sealed pack with you to the check-out. And off you went to the gate, probably only opening it once settled in your seat on board. Open the product in the Terminal, before you go to the Gate.

– Buying food products, and food means things like Olive Oil, Vinegar, Olives, Chutney or other local delicacies.. all great gifts from your travels. But, all or most come under the Liquids-in-transit rules! It is better to buy these types of products “airside”, i.e. after passing security, than before. Otherwise, your Extra Virgin, might not even get as far as the departure lounge! And if you get them home ok, are you allowed to import foodstuffs into your arrivals destination?

This is most of the key tips we can think of for now, if there are more, please contact us.

If you want to find the details of your Travel Retailer, here’s a pretty comprehensive list to help you. To change the language, just hit the flag you need at the top of the page.

Duty Free iPhone
Is it a good deal?
Meantime, a real Duty Free bargain is the one that gives you no problems and a lot of pleasure… so check before you buy at our Duty Free and Tax-Free global information and shopping guide.

Online Duty Free Information – is it worth the bother?

Online Duty Free Information – is it worth the bother and where’s the best place to find it? What do you need to know?

Most travelers in Europe and North America are completely unaware that you can buy your duty free on arrival in 70+ countries as well as from the more conventional departure shops. If you are visiting London, Lagos or Luanda, the dutyfreeonarrival shopping guide will take you to the outlets, giving you links to the stores and also to the Customs Exemptions, Allowances or Limits that you are permitted.

Some stores are now doing Duty Free online with home delivery too.

Duty free on arrival® Duty free a la llegada® Duty Free na chegada® Fundada em 2008.

More info coming soon ……………………… meantime check before you fly online at the Original & free information and shopping guide to global duty free stores.

When your Duty Free Home Delivery is not Duty Free at all!

Travellers will soon see many more offers for Duty Free Home delivery on their purchases, this is is especially prevalent throughout European Union Countries, where there is the supposed “free movement of goods”.

Airports are starting to go online by launching what is known as their own “retail eco-systems or omni-channel”. Basically this means that they are selling online, just like the other big players, or any another other domestic online retailer.

Tax Free Shopping
Is “Duty Free” for Home Delivery really Duty or Tax Free?

This is a cautionary tale for consumers looking for bargains on their travels and it is wise to check before you fly as to the actual deal you are getting.

Starting with European Union countries, you might now be offered the convenience of Duty Free Home Delivery when you travel abroad, but Duty Free Shopping for those travelling within the EU hasn’t existed for more than 10 years now. It was abolished, for the preference of “free movement of goods”, but with the Tax and Excise Duty paid on all these free-moving goods.

What this means is that nothing you buy for travel between EU Member States is “duty free” at all and anyway, even if you fly to somewhere outside the EU, the goods you buy, must be exported by hand and removed from the country where you bought them, for you to get the full tax discount benefit.

This is why you need lug all those plastic bags full of bottles with you on your flights.

Boarding Pass airport shopping
Showing your Boarding Pass at airport Duty Free Shops?

So, for anything you buy from an EU based airline or airport Duty Free Shop, for delivery to your home, it is not really “Duty Free” at all. (It is another convenient marketing way of saying discounted). Just the same, the Tax, (such as Value Added Tax VAT/IVA/MWst), has actually been paid for you by the retailers, so to allow them to deliver to you and circumvent the Customs rules.

They might make offers on alcohol and certainly Perfumes or Cosmetics, but you will not likely see any deals on tobaccos… because the (Excise) Duty taxation on these products is too high to be subsidised for domestic deliveries.

Fine, who cares? As long as you get the products and the prices you want, what’s the difference? Well, there isn’t any, because thank you very much a retailer just paid your Tax for you, so to get your business.

But, the trick here maybe is to make sure you “haggle the price” to get a better deal or to check that you cannot just get the same products as cheap in a normal store just round the corner. Why, because maybe airport or airline retailers have more margin to spare on goods sold online, because their rent might be lower. And also, the airport deal might encourage your local store to discount more on the price. Print out the offer and show it to them… nothing ventured!

The other trick is to check if you really need to travel at all to actually get these airport discounts? Maybe you can just buy and have the goods delivered to you? (Each site will have different rules though).

One pitfall to look out for is the mixing your products, because they will deliver some products to you, but not others, like cigarettes. And, it is almost certain that they will not wish to deliver to a non-EU Country, if that’s where you live.

Duty Free Information
Check before you fly!

It is all about understanding the Duty Free Shopping rules in advance, to make sure what you want is what you get and how you can take advantage of the best deals.

Your Product and the Price is King, if you can wade yourself through the different regulations, you are ahead of the game, but forewarned is always best policy!

Most of our travel point duty free information pages will give you the rules and regulations to help you make up your mind. But the rule of thumb is make sure that you check before you fly for all the rules, on our global shopping guide.